Thank you for supporting the arts and for supporting my music. The music here represents my thoughts and life experiences as I’ve transferred them onto pen, paper, and sound. I’ve done many projects with other artists and released many co-authored songs. I’m proud to finally present a project that is solely from my mind and heart.

My previous works with Rodello’s Machine gained international notoriety and popular reception at home. With television placements in such programs as MTV’s Degrassi High, use of our songs in national ad campaigns, syndicated international radio placement, and 1,000s of plays per week on Pandora radio, my shared accomplishments with Rodello’s Machine have given me the positive feedback that propelled me forward.

My latest work continues my journey to craft beautifully inspired music.

“Stunning compositions…really great songwriting…really great stuff!”
– Valida Carroll, KCRW (89.9 FM)

“Good lord, [it] had me hooked from the word go!”
– Jason Grishkoff,

“This subtly genius artist…has the ability to create music you can easily fall into.”

“I love this! There’s a grandeur to the arrangement that’s easy to get lost in. It’s stellar.”
– Brian Hazard, Color Theory; Passive Promotion Blog

“Rodello’s Machine are way beyond accomplished, they can write songs that are free spirited that boast an import to set it apart from the generic swathes that pass for much of modern music.”
– Kevin Hugger,

“Rodello’s Machine create simply good music for those who enjoy the beauty of a song with melody and organic life. [Their] heartfelt music perfectly complements the struggles and victories of us all.”
– Tim Reid Jr., Music Connection

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